Questions for Thu, Dec 24th  (Rev 7-9)

Rev 7-9

1.) This is a good news chapter which says that although things may look bleak some will be remain true and saved. There are two large groups of people that represent God's people in this chapter. What are the two groups?

Jews and Gentiles representing ALL nations.

2.) How many people are mentioned in the first group and how is this number calculated?

144,000. Twelve tribes of 12,000 each.

3.) What tribes are mentioned in the list?

Verses 5-8.

4.) Which tribe is mentioned first and why?

Judah, is the tribe of kings and the tribe of Jesus.

5.) What two names are left out of the list and what is probably the reason for that?

Dan and Ephraim. Maybe because they were idolatrous.I Kgs 12:29 and Hos. 4-5

6.) How many people are mentioned in the second group and what tribes are they from?

A numberless multitude of ALL nations.

7.) In 324 A.D. Constantine became sole emporer of Rome. In 330 A.D. he moved the capital city from Rome to what city in the east? What did he rename the city? What is the city called now?


8.) When the seventh seal was opened how long was the calm before the storm?

30 minutes

9.) The opening of the seventh seal starts a new group of seven. What are they and what instruments do they carry?

Seven angels with seven trumpets.

10.) What does incense represent?

The prayers of the saints.

11.) When the first angel blew his trumpet what was cast down and where?

Hail and fire mixed with blood cast down to the earth.

12.) What leader and group of people does this most likely represent?

Speculating Revelation from the historical view perhaps Alaric and the Visigoths attacked by land. (376-410).

13.) When the second angel blew his trumpet what was cast down and where?

Fiery mountain thrown into the sea.

14.) What leader and group of people does this most likely represent?

Geiseric and the Vandals attacked by the sea (428-468).

15.) When the third angel blew his trumpet what was cast down and where?

A great blazing star fell on the rivers.

16.) What is wormwood?

A bitter herb.

17.) Who is Wormwood and group of people that followed him?

Atilla and the Huns attacked by riverways. (445-452)

18.) When the fourth angel blew his trumpet what was struck?

The heavenly bodies were struck by darkness.

19.) Usually when heavenly bodies are thrown down this represents an overthrow of the ruling powers. At this time the Western Empire fell and a gothic king became ruler. What was his name?


20.) What year did the Western Empire fall?

476 A.D.

21.) When the fifth angel blew his trumpet what fell?

A star fell to Earth.

22.) What did the star have?

A key

23.) What did the key open?

The key opened the Abyss.

24.) What came out of the abyss?

Smoke from a burning furnace.

25.) How long is 5 months prophetically speaking.

Using the day=year prophetic example in the Bible. 5x30 days gives 150 days which equals 150 years.

26.) What leader and empire (612-762 A.D.) does this 5th trumpet represent?

Muhammad and the following Saracen (Muslim) Empire is a pretty remarkable fit for this passage when examining from the historical perspective.

27.) What does the crowns of gold, human faces and women's hair all represent?

Ornamental turbans, beards and long hair of the Saracens.

28.) In Rev 9:11 what is the Greek and Hebrew names of the angel of the Abyss?

Hebrew is Abaddon and Greek is Apollyon.

29.) What do those names mean?

They both mean Destroyer.

30.) When the sixth angel trumpeted what was released and from where?

The four angels bound at the river Euphrates.

31.) What empire is represented by this trumpet?

The Turkish Ottoman Empire.

32.) How many cavalry did they have?

200 million.

33.) What colors were their breastplates?

Red, blue and yellow.

34.) What is the symbolism of the fire, smoke and sulfur?

Introduction of gunfire and cannons.

35.) What was the symbolism of horse tails?

Horse tails were used as flag standards for the Turks.

36.) The Turks finally destroyed Constantinople and the Eastern Empire in what year?

May 29th,1453

37.) God allowed these things to punish the world for idolatry. Did they repent?

They did not repent.