Questions for Fri, Dec 25th  (Rev 10-12)

Rev 10-12

1.) Chapters 6-9 were about what happens to the Roman Empire. Chapters 12-22 will be what happens to the church. Ch. 10-11 are chapters that talk about the time period of the 1500-1700s and are mentioned here before the 7th and final trumpet at the end of chapter 11. Describe the angel that comes down from heaven?

Robed in a cloud with a rainbow over him. His face is like the sun and legs are pillars of fire.

2.) What was he holding and what does it represent?

A little scroll which lay open and revealed for all to see. This could represent the time of the reformation when the Bible was opened to the common man.

3.) What's the significance of how he was standing and speaking?

Feet on sea and land. The whole world would hear.

4.) What were the 7 thunders and what do you suppose they were saying?

Rome was on a city on 7 hills. This most likely represents the apostate church fighting against and excommunicating those translating and exposing the Bible to the world.

5.) What was John instructed to not do about the 7 thunders?

Don't write down what they were saying. It was not inspired.

6.) What was John instructed to do about the scroll (Jeremiah 15:16)?

He was told to consume it.

7.) How did the scroll affect him and what does this mean?

Sweet as honey but stirs up the stomach The Word of God is full of goodness but can convict us as well.

8.) What was John told he would do and how does this coincide with what this chapter is discussing?

He would prophesy again about many things. He is currently doing that right now through the recorded Word of God.

9.) What was John given and what was he told to do with it?

He was given a measuring rod and told to measure the temple of God.

10.) What three things was he to measure?

The temple of God and the altar and count the worshipers. Determine the true church, what are the correct methods of worship and what constitutes membership.

11.) What was he to not measure and why?

Exclude the outer court given to the Gentiles.

12.) What do these things symbolize?

The true church would be persecuted by the apostate church.

13.) How long would the holy city be trampled? This is prophetic terms for how long of a period of real time?

42 months x 30 days = 1260 days which represents 1260 years.

14.) This correlates well with the time period from 532-1792. What happened during the beginning year and the final year if we are to use this time frame?

532 Emporer Justinian recognized bishop of Rome as "head of churches". 1792 French Revolution - Napoleon took power back from the pope.

15.) Who are the 2 witnesses or olive trees or lampstands? and what does it mean they were dressed in sackcloth?

The two witnesses maybe represent the two Testaments. The Bible and church was in hiding during this time.

16.) What is the punishment for those that oppose the 2 witnesses? What does this mean?

Fire devours them.

17.) What do the two witnesses have the power to do? What two men in the Bible are mentioned doing these things?

Power to stop the rain and turn water to blood and strike the earth with plagues. Elijah and Moses.

18.) What will appear has happened to the two witnesses? and for how long?

The beast from the abyss will kill them. It will appear they are dead for 3.5 years.

19.) This 3.5 days most likely correlates to the 3.5 years from 1792-1795 where the Bible was banned and burned and only worshipped liberty and reason. This "reign of terror" was established on Sept 20, 1792 and was called the ______ __________ _________.

French National Convention

20.) After 3.5 days what happened to the two witnesses?

Public worship was restored and the Bible was restored to it's rightful status and elevation.

21.) What does the 7th trumpet represent?

Most likely the end of time.

22.) Verse 19 is where we will start all over and talk about the differences between the true church and the apostate church. What did John see in this verse and what description do we again see when dealing with God?

God's temple and the ark of the covenant. Same representaion as Mount Sinai again.

23.) What was the great and wonderous sign that appeared?

A woman clothed with the sun, moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars who was pregnant.

24.) What is the symbolism of the woman, sun, moon, stars and pregnancy?

Woman = God's people (Jews and then the church) Sun=Righteousness and Christ. Moon = Lesser Light, Old Law. 12 stars = apostles. pregnancy = some say growth of the church but the Christ imagery is also very strong.

25.) What other sign appeared and how was it described?

An enormous red dragon with 7 heads with 7 crowns and 10 horns.

26.) What did the dragon attempt to do?

Wanted to kill her child.

27.) Who was the child? What did He rule the nations with? (2:27) (19:15)

Christ ruled with an iron scepter. The overcomers in 2:27 will rule with Him.

28.) What did the woman have to do and for how long?

For 1260 years went into hiding.

29.) What happened to the devil and his angels?

They were hurled to the earth.

30.) When the devil's original plan did not work what did he do?

He attempted to persecute the church and the followers of Christ.