Questions for Thu, Feb 6th  (Mark 13)

Mark 13

1.) What does Jesus predict in this chapter?

The destruction of Jerusalem

2.) There will be many signs that Jerusalem will soon be destroyed but what is the most obvious sign and where do we find that prophecy?

The abomination of desolation standing where it doesn't belong. (Daniel 9)

3.) When will Jesus come again? before, during of after the destruction of Jerusalem?

Although the destruction of Jerusalem was indeed a type of "return" for Jesus in that it was a prophesied judgement, the final return and judgement will be later and it will come as a surprise with no warning signs.

4.) Is 28-31 about the destruction of Jerusalem or the end time?

Destruction of Jerusalem. There are clear warning signs for them to escape and it will happen during their generation.

5.) Is 32-37 about the destruction of Jerusalem or the end time?

End of time. No warning signs so must always be ready.

6.) Who knows when Jesus is returning?

Only God. At this time, at least, not only Jesus knew.

7.) What does it mean to WATCH!

Be vigilant, ready and prepared.