Questions for Tue, Dec 29th  (Rev 21-22)

Rev 21-22

1.) The Bible ends the same way it started. How does Gen 1:1 compare to Rev 21:1?

A new heaven and a new earth. A new creation for God's people.

2.) What does the New Jerusalem represent? How was she prepared?

The church, the bride of Christ beautifully adorned.

3.) What will there not be any more?

No tears, death or pain.

4.) Who will not be there?

The evil and wicked.

5.) How many gates were in it and what were they made of?

12 gates each made of a single pearl.

6.) What were written on the gates?

The names of the 12 tribes.

7.) How many foundations was the wall built upon and what names were written on them?

Twelve foundations. The names of the 12 apostles.

8.) What did the angel have?

A gold measuring rod.

9.) What were the measurements of the city?

A 12,000 stadia cube with walls 144 cubits thick.

10.) What was the wall made of? what was the city made of?

The wall was of jasper and the city of pure gold.

11.) What things did John NOT see in the city and why not?

There was no temple or sun or moon because God gives everything needed.

12.) Who are the only ones that can enter in?

Only those whose names are written in the Book of Life.

13.) How is Genesis 2 like Revelation 22?

Tree of Life and rivers. Lots of garden of Eden imagery.

14.) What was flowing from the throne of God?

The river of the water of life.

15.) Was the tree of life just one tree?

It seems there were many trees in the new creation called the trees of life. They were on both sides of the river.

16.) How often did the tree of life produce a crop?

Each month.

17.) What were the leaves used for?

The healing of the nations.

18.) In Genesis after the description of the garden of Eden there was a curse put on man. How does that compare to Rev 22.3?

The curses are over.

19.) In verse 6 we are reminded that the things in this book would soon what?

The things that must soon take place.

20.) Why has this class been blessed?

Because we have read and studied this book.

21.) What did John try to do again? Rev 19:10

He tried to worship the angel. Again he was told to worship God.

22.) How is the command in verse 10 different than the command at the end of Daniel?

He was told to not seal up the words but in Daniel 12:9 the prophecy was to be sealed.

23.) When is Jesus coming?

He is coming soon!

24.) What names are given to Jesus?

The first and the last.

25.) Blessed are those who do what? and what will be there reward?

Blessed are those who wash their robes that they may eat from the tree of life and enter the city.

26.) How can Jesus be both the Root and the Offspring of David?

He was before David in heaven and from the lineage of David on the earth.

27.) Which star or planet is Jesus represented as? what is the symbolism?

The Morning Star (venus) Brightest and first in the sky.

28.) Who offers the invitation and what is it?

The Spirt and the bride say, "Come!"

29.) What is the warning to people that add or take away words from the Word of God?

If you do it you will not share in the goodness described in this book.

30.) ...and the people said ______.