Questions for Sat, Feb 8th  (Mark 15)

Mark 15

1.) What was the only answer Jesus gave to Pilate?

That He was the king of the Jews.

2.) Of what was Barabbas guilty?

Insurrectionist who committed murder

3.) How did the people answer when Pilate asked the crowd what Jesus was guilty of?

Crucify Him, Crucify Him

4.) Why did Pilate give in to the crowd?

He wanted to satisfy the crowds

5.) What things did the soldiers do to Jesus in the Praetorium?

Purple robe, crown of thorns, mockery, beat Him, spit on Him

6.) What were the names of Simon's sons? (Romans 16:13)

Alexander and Rufus

7.) When they crucified Jesus what did they do with his clothes?

Divided them up and cast lots to see who would get them.

8.) At what time was Jesus crucified?

The third hour. 9:00

9.) How long was Jesus on the cross on that Friday? (Matt. 27: 45-46)

Six hours for certain, maybe closer to nine if they took him down and buried Him before sundown at 6:00p.m.

10.) Who all heaped insults on Jesus while He was on the cross?

Chief priests and teachers of the law, passers by, and those crucified with Him.

11.) For what reason did God have to forsake his only Son?

Because He was carrying our sin. Jesus was beginning to quote Psalm 22 when He passed away. You should read the rest of Psalm 22 especially the last verse that says, "FOR HE HAS DONE IT!".

12.) What did the centurion confess?

That Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

13.) Who boldly claimed the body of Jesus?

Joseph of Arimathea

14.) Why was Pilate surprised that Jesus was already dead?

Crucifixion was not supposed to be that fast. It was supposed to prolong death. Jesus endured intense suffering for our sins and when "It was finished" laid down His own life to show that He had the power to lay it down and then take it up again.