Questions for Sun, Feb 9th  (Mark 16)

Mark 16

1.) When the women went to the tomb what were they worried about?

How they would roll away the stone.

2.) What did they find?

That it was already rolled away and a man in white sitting there

3.) Where were the disciples supposed to meet Jesus?


4.) Who did Jesus appear to first according to Mark?

Mary Magdalene

5.) What do we know from the scriptures about Mary the Magdalene?

She had 7 demons that were cast our of her.

6.) Who did Jesus appear to next?

Two people probably on the road to Emmaus

7.) Finally, who did Jesus appear to and what did he tell them?

The eleven disciples and He rebuked them for their lack of faith.

8.) What do you have to do to be saved?

Believe and be baptized

9.) What comes first, belief or baptism?

First comes hearing the Word of God, then belief and then baptism.

10.) What are some unusual things that Jesus said the apostles would be able to do?

Drink poison, hold venomous snakes, speak in tongues, cast out demons, heal the sick.

11.) To where did Jesus ascend?

Into heaven to the right hand of God.