Questions for Sun, Feb 16th  (Luke 7)

Luke 7

1.) What is a centurion and what is significant about this?

He would have been a Gentile in the Roman army over around 100 people.

2.) How did the centurion demonstrate his great faith?

He clearly recognized Jesus of having supreme authority over everyone else.

3.) What amazing miracle did Jesus perform in Nain?

Raised a young man from the dead.

4.) Why did Jesus perform this miracle?

He had compassion on the mother.

5.) What did John send messengers to see?

If Jesus was the promised Messiah or not.

6.) What things does Jesus say about John?

That no one born of women was greater than he.

7.) Who had accepted John and who hadn't?

Sinners had accepted and so were baptized. Pharisees rejected so were not baptized.

8.) What did the woman in the Pharisee's house do?

Washed His feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.

9.) What was the point of Jesus's parable?

To demonstrate that we need to get rid of self before we can fully see our desperate need for Jesus.