Questions for Mon, Feb 17th  (Luke 8)

Luke 8

1.) What women are mentioned as helping out with the ministry?

Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna.

2.) What are the various grounds that the seed fell and what do they represent?

The path, rocky, thorns, good representing various forms of hearts accepting the Word.

3.) Did Jesus dishonor his family?

No, His family were those who believed. At this point Jesus's brothers were non-believers.

4.) What happened to them on the sea?

A great squall almost capsized them.

5.) When they arrived on the shore what did they see?

A demon-possessed man.

6.) What was the name of the demons?


7.) Where were they afraid to go?

Into the Abyss

8.) Where did Jesus send the demons?

Into a herd of pigs

9.) How old was Jairus's daughter?

Almost 12 years old

10.) How long had the woman had her problem?

12 years

11.) What healed the woman?

Her faith in Jesus

12.) Who did Jesus take into the house with Him?

The girl's parents and Peter, James and John

13.) What did Jesus tell the parents to give to the girl?

To give her something to eat.