Questions for Tue, Feb 18th  (Luke 9)

Luke 9

1.) What directions did Jesus give the disciples and what did He send them out to do?

Do not take anything with you and live with people that accept you while you preach the Word and heal people everywhere.

2.) What was Herod concerned about?

That John the Baptist had returned to haunt him.

3.) About how many small groups of people were there?

5000 people in groups of 50 so 100 groups.

4.) What did Jesus do before He fed the people?

Prayed to God to bless the food.

5.) Was anybody still hungry?

Everyone was well satisfied.

6.) How much was leftover?

12 baskets full, one for each disciple to be carrying.

7.) Who did Peter confess that Jesus was?

The promised Messiah, the Son of God

8.) What is the kingdom of God in verse 27?

The church

9.) What happened to Jesus, who appeared with Him and what were they discussing?

Jesus was transfigured. Elijah and Moses were there discussing his upcoming sacrifice.

10.) What did God say about his Son?

For Peter, (and us) to listen to Him

11.) Who did Jesus heal and why couldn't the disciples do it?

A demon-possessed boy. A lack of faith.

12.) What did Jesus tell his disciples would happen to Him?

That He would be betrayed into the hands of men.

13.) How did Jesus end the argument about who was the greatest?

Whoever is a servant to all others is the greatest.

14.) Who gave the man power to cast out demons?

Since Jesus says he wasn't against them the power (Holy Spirit) must have been given to him by God.

15.) Why did the Samaritans not welcome them?

Because they were heading to Jerusalem.

16.) What did James and John ("The Sons of Thunder") want to do?

They wanted to call down fire and destroy all of the people.

17.) What were some of the excuses men had for not following Jesus?

Comforts of home and family.