Questions for Wed, Feb 19th  (Luke 10)

Luke 10

1.) How many people did Jesus send out and for what purpose?

72 people by twos to heal people and tell them about the Kingdom of God

2.) What cities does Jesus warn?

Korazin, Bethsaida, Capernaum

3.) What was Jesus's response of what He saw when the people said they saw demons submit to them in His name?

That He had seen Satan's fall

4.) What did Jesus command the people to rejoice in?

That their names were written in heaven

5.) What did the expert in the Law ask Jesus?

What he must do to inherit eternal life

6.) When the man asked who his neighbor was what story did Jesus tell him?

The parable of the good Samaritan

7.) What the significance of the three people being a priest, Levite and a Samaritan?

Priests and Levites were held in high esteem by the Jews but the Samaritans were considered as dogs.

8.) To whose house did Jesus go?

Martha's home

9.) What was Martha complaining about?

That her sister Mary was not helping her

10.) What did Mary choose that was better?

The ONE thing, listening to and obeying the words of Jesus