Questions for Sun, Feb 23rd  (Luke 14)

Luke 14

1.) What questions does Jesus ask the people about Sabbath and what do you think the answers were?

Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not? Would you pull your son out of the well if he fell in on the Sabbath? The answer is yes but they would not answer

2.) What advice does Jesus give wedding guests?

To not seek out the best place to sit but put others before you.

3.) Who should you invite to lunch and why?

The downtrodden and those that don't get invited often

4.) What were the excuses mentioned for not going to the banquet?

Tending a field, trying out oxen, just got married

5.) What does "hate" mean in verse 26?

To love less than the Father and the Son

6.) When we decide to devote ourselves to God how should we do it?

Be willing to give up everything to follow Jesus