Questions for Sat, Feb 29th  (Luke 20)

Luke 20

1.) What trick question did Jesus ask the Pharisees?

Was John the Baptist's message about baptism from heaven or from the world?

2.) What was the meaning of the parable of the man who planted a vineyard?

An analogy of God and His Son, Jesus, who would die for the world.

3.) Who was Jesus referring to in this parable?

He was accusing the Pharisees who were about ready to put Jesus to death.

4.) With what question did the Pharisees try to trap Jesus?

Should we pay taxes?

5.) What did the Sadducees not believe in and so what question did they ask?

They did not believe in the resurrection so they asked who the woman would be married to in heaven since she had 7 husbands on the earth.

6.) How did Jesus answer?

That we will be like the angels. There is no marriage in heaven.

7.) How was Jesus both David's son and Lord?

He was the Word so He was before David yet came to the earth as Jesus as a descendant of David.

8.) What was Jesus's description of the Pharisees?

Evil and they would be punished severly.