Questions for Sun, Mar 1st  (Luke 21)

Luke 21

1.) How did the widow give more than the others?

It was a bigger sacrifice proportionately.

2.) What did Jesus say would happen to the temple?

It would be destroyed.

3.) What questions did the disciples ask?

When would it happen and what would be the signs?

4.) What things would happen to the disciples before the destruction of Jerusalem?

They would be persecuted and killed.

5.) People should flee when they see what?

The Roman armies surrounding it.

6.) Has Jesus returned yet?

No, not for the final judgement.

7.) What are the things mentioned in verse 32 referring to then?

All the things that were said about the destruction of Jerusalem.

8.) Where did Jesus spend his days and nights?

Teaching in the temple during the day and the Mount of Olives at night.