Questions for Mon, Mar 2nd  (Luke 22)

Luke 22

1.) What feast was approaching?

The Feast of Unleavened bread called the Passover.

2.) What entered Judas?

Satan entered Judas.

3.) Who was the man with the water jar?

The Bible doesn't say. Speculation could be John Mark, the nephew of Barnabus and perhaps the young man who fled naked in the garden that John Mark himself mentions in his gospel.

4.) What did the bread and wine represent?

The bread represented his body and the wine represented the New Covenant in His blood.

5.) Whad did Jesus confer onto his disciples?

The kingdom or the church.

6.) What had Satan asked Jesus?

To be able to sift Peter as wheat, to tempt him.

7.) In verse 36 was Jesus condoning fighting for the kingdom?

No, if He had, two swords would not have been enough. They were going to be traveling around spreading the Word and so they needed basic traveling items. The disciples, however, probably still thought they were leading a rebellion. vs. 52

8.) If so how could the two swords be enough?

They wouldn't have been.

9.) Where did Jesus and his disciples go?

The Mount of Olives.

10.) Who strengthened Jesus?

An angel of the Lord.

11.) What did Jesus pray for?

That the cup of suffering be taken from Him.

12.) What was the signal of the betrayal?

Judas would kiss Jesus.

13.) What did the disciples ask and what did Peter do?

Should we attack them? Peter cut of the ear of Malchus, a servant of the High Priest.

14.) What triggered the remorse in Peter for his betrayal?

Jesus turned and looked straight at Peter.

15.) Who did Jesus confess that He was?

That He indeed was the Son of God.