Questions for Thu, Mar 5th  (John 1)

John 1

1.) What do you know about the writer of this book?

It is John the Apostle. He wrote 5 books: John, 1-3 John and Revelation. He was the last apostle to die and was loved by Jesus.

2.) Who is the Word?

Jesus the Christ or God's Son BEFORE he came to the world.

3.) What was created by the Word?

Everything was created by the Word of God. Everything was spoken into existence.

4.) Who is the John in verse 6?

John the Baptist.

5.) Who was the light?

The incarnate Word of God, Jesus was born into the world as God's Son.

6.) What does "the Word became flesh" mean?

The Word was born into the world and clothed with human flesh as the Son of God, named Jesus.

7.) What came through Moses and what came through Jesus?

The Law came through Moses and Grace and Truth came through Jesus.

8.) What questions did people ask John the Baptist?

They asked him if he was the promised Messiah.

9.) Where did this all happen?

Near Bethany on the other side of the Jordan River.

10.) How did John know that Jesus was the Christ?

It had been told to John that the one you baptize when you see the Spirit descend upon, He will be the Messiah.

11.) Who were some of John's disciples?

Andrew was one of them and most likely some of Jesus's other disciples started with John.

12.) What did Jesus rename Simon and what did it mean?

Cephas or Peter which means rock.

13.) Where was Phillip, Peter and Andrew's hometown?


14.) What disciple was Nathanael?

It is speculated that he is the same person as Bartholomew. Bartholomew is mentioned with Philip in the gospels but John does not mention Bartholomew.

15.) What did Nathanael ask?

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

16.) What happened that made Nathanael believe?

He said he could see him under the fig tree before Philip even called him.