Questions for Tue, Mar 10th  (John 6)

John 6

1.) Where did Jesus and his disciples go?

Up on a mountain on the far side of the Sea of Galilee.

2.) What did Jesus ask Philip?

Where we should buy bread for all of the people?

3.) How did Philip respond?

Eight months wages would not buy enough bread for everyone just to have a bite.

4.) What did Andrew say?

Here is a boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

5.) How many people were fed and how much was left over?

5000 people and 12 basketfulls remained. One basket for each disciple to pick up.

6.) What were the people going to do?

Make Him king by force.

7.) Where did the disciples go?

Got on a boat to Capernaum.

8.) What did the disciples see in the storm?

They saw Jesus walking on the water.

9.) Where did the people go to search for Jesus?


10.) What did Jesus tell them they should strive for?

Spiritual Food.

11.) What was the work required of them?

To believe in Jesus.

12.) Who gives the true bread of life?

The Father offered it to the world.

13.) Who IS the bread of life?

Jesus the Messiah.

14.) What is the Father's will?

The Father's will is that everyone who accepts Jesus will be saved.

15.) How is Jesus different than the manna?

Partaking of manna still gave death. Partaking of Jesus gives eternal life.

16.) What did Jesus say the bread was?

His flesh that He would offer as a sacrifice.

17.) What future event about himself did Jesus foretell?

His death and establishment of the Lord's Supper.

18.) What did Jesus ask the twelve?

If they wanted to leave also.

19.) What was Peter's response?

To whom would we go? For only you have the words of life.

20.) Who did Jesus refer to as a devil?

Judas Iscariot, the one who would betray Him.