Questions for Thu, Mar 12th  (John 8)

John 8

1.) Where did Jesus go?

The Mount of Olives and then the temple courts.

2.) Who did the Pharisees bring to Jesus?

A woman caught in adultery.

3.) How did Jesus answer them?

Let the person without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.

4.) What did they begin to do one at a time and why do you suppose the older ones first?

They started leaving. The older ones had more life experience and were very aware of their sins.

5.) Did Jesus tell the woman that she was innocent?

No, he said she was sinful but was not going to condemn her to death if she changed her ways.

6.) What did Jesus say He was?

He said He was the light of the world.

7.) In the Jewish law how many witnesses did there need to be?

Two or three witnesses.

8.) Who was Jesus's other witness besides Himself?

God the Father

9.) What did they think Jesus might do?

They thought He was going to kill Himself.

10.) What does, "When you lift up the Son of Man" mean?

Lifted up on the cross.

11.) What will the truth do for you?

The truth will set you free.

12.) The Jews arrogance forced them to lie about not being slaves. How many empires had they been slaves under?

Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome.

13.) Jesus told them they were slaves to what?

They were slaves to sin.

14.) Who did Jesus tell the Jews their father was?

He said their father was the Devil.

15.) How is the devil the ultimate murderer?

He tempted Eve, lying that she would not die and so all death of everyone since then can be attributed to him.

16.) When they asked Jesus if He had seen Abraham what was His response? (Ex. 3:14)

Before Abraham was, I AM, that He exists in all time frames. He is here using his family name that God told Moses what to call Him when he went before Pharoah. THE GREAT I AM!

17.) What did the people try to do to Him?

They tried to stone Him.