Questions for Fri, Mar 13th  (John 9)

John 9

1.) What did the disciples ask about the blind man?

They asked if the man or his parents sinned to cause his blindness.

2.) What was Jesus's answer?

Neither but it happened so the work of God would be made known.

3.) How did Jesus heal the blind man?

Spit on the ground and made mud and put it on his eyes and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam.

4.) When had Jesus healed the blind man?

It was on the Sabbath.

5.) What did some of the people ask in response to the Pharisees?

How can a sinner do such miraculous things?

6.) What did the blind man's parents testify to and what did they say because they were afraid?

We know he is our son and we know he was born blind but you should ask him how he can now see. They were afraid of the Jews because they were disfellowshipping anyone who said Jesus was the Christ.

7.) What amazing things did the blind man argue with the Pharisees?

He said it was amazing that the Pharisees could not see clearly that Jesus was from God.

8.) What did Jesus ask and then tell the blind man?

If he believed in the son of Man? He then told him that He was the Son of Man.

9.) Did the blind man accept Jesus?

Yes and he worshipped Him.