Questions for Sat, Mar 14th  (John 10)

John 10

1.) Who is Jesus and who are his followers in the parable?

Jesus is the shepherd and the sheep are His followers.

2.) What did the Good Shepherd do for his sheep?

Laid down His life for His sheep.

3.) Who are the "other sheep" mentioned in verse 16?

The Gentiles starting in Acts 10 with Cornelius.

4.) What authority did Jesus have to do?

To lay His life down and then take it back up again.

5.) What was the argument occurring between the people?

Some said He was a demon and others said He was of God.

6.) What was the season and what is another name for the Feast of Dedication?

It was winter and it was Hanukkah time.

7.) When they picked up stones what question did Jesus ask them?

For which miracle were they going to stone Him?

8.) How did Jesus escape and where did He go?

He miraculously escaped and went back across the Jordan.

9.) Did John ever perform miracles?

John did not perform miracles but everything he prophesied about Jesus was true.