Questions for Fri, Mar 20th  (John 16)

John 16

1.) Verse 2 could actually be referring to who?

Could be referring to Paul who persecuted the church.

2.) Who is the Counselor that Jesus promised to send?

The Holy Spirit.

3.) What does it mean that they would weep and mourn while the world rejoices?

When Jesus is crucified the world would be happy but the disciples would mourn.

4.) How did Jesus use childbirth as an analogy to what the disciples would go through?

A woman feels pain but then is overjoyed when the child is born. The disciples will feel this way when Jesus dies but then be overjoyed when he returns.

5.) At what time will the disciples ask no more questions?

The day of Pentecost when they receive the Holy Spirit.

6.) What is promised that we will have in this world but why are we not to fear?

We will have trouble but we should not fear because Jesus has overcome the world.