Questions for Sat, Mar 21st  (John 17)

John 17

1.) What does Jesus do in this chapter?

He gives what probably should be called the true "Lord's Prayer".

2.) What does Jesus ask God to do?

Glorify Him in His presence with the glory He had before the world began.

3.) When had Jesus previously been clothed in this glory?

Before the world began when he was in the presence of God.

4.) Who did Jesus pray for?

His followers but especially his disciples.

5.) While Jesus was with the disciples he protected them all except who?

Judas, who was the child of the Devil.

6.) What was Jesus's request for his disciples?

He prayed that they are protected from the Devil.

7.) What is truth?

God's Word is truth.

8.) Who else does Jesus pray for?

All His followers that will come through the teaching of the disciples and the Word of God.

9.) What did Jesus tell God that He wanted?

He wanted his disciples and followers to be in heaven with Him to see His glory that the Father has clothed Him with.