Questions for Tue, Mar 24th  (John 20)

John 20

1.) Who found the tomb empty and when?

Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty early on a Sunday morning.

2.) What two people did she tell?

Simon Peter and John.

3.) Who won the race?

John got to the tomb first.

4.) When Peter went into the tomb what did he see?

The strips of linen and burial cloth that were around Jesus' head.

5.) Did the disciple understand what had happened?

No, they still did not understand that Scripture told that Jesus would rise from the dead.

6.) When Mary began weeping who did she see and what did she tell them?

She saw two angels and she said ,"They have taken my Lord away and I do not know where they have put Him."

7.) Who appears to Mary?

Jesus, but she thought He was the gardner.

8.) Why did Jesus tell her not to touch Him?

Because He had not yet returned to the Father.

9.) Who did Jesus tell Mary to go tell?

He told her to go tell the disciples.

10.) In the evening when Jesus appeared to the disciples He gave them a measure of what?

He gave them a measure of the Holy Spirit.

11.) Did the apostles have the power to forgive sins?

Yes, Jesus gave them that authority.

12.) What did Thomas say he would have to do to believe Jesus had risen?

He would have to physically touch Jesus.

13.) When Jesus showed Himself to Thomas what was Thomas's reply?

My Lord and my God!

14.) Why did John record these miraculous signs for us?

He only recorded 7. Do you remember what they were? They were recorded so that we might believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that we might have salvation in His name.