Questions for Wed, Mar 25th  (John 21)

John 21

1.) When Jesus appeared again to the disciples by the Sea of Galilee what happened?

Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat and when they did they caught a lot of fish.

2.) Who realized it was Jesus?

John, the one Jesus loved.

3.) Who jumped into the water and swam to shore?

Simon Peter

4.) When they all arrived on shore what did they see?

A fire with burning coals with fish and bread.

5.) How many fish had they caught?


6.) Why do you suppose Jesus refers to Simon rather than the name of Peter which He gave him earlier?

Perhaps He is "recalling" Peter like He called him the first time in Matt 16:17-18

7.) What does Jesus ask Simon and who or what do you think are the "these"? Matt. 26:33

Do you love me more than these? There are three possbilities:
1.) Do you love me more than the other disciples love me?
2.) Do you love me more than you love the disciples?
3.) Do you love me more than you love these fish and your nets?
In the context of what has happened so far in the chapter it seems that probably number 3 is the strongest possibility. Peter had very quickly returned to relying on his fishing trade.

8.) What is the significance of asking Peter this three times and how did this discipline feel to Peter?

It is symbolic of Peter being asked three times if he was a follower of Jesus and Peter denying Him three times. This made Peter feel hurt when Jesus asked him a third time.

9.) What kind of death would Peter endure?

Crucifixion. He would be led where he didn't want to go and his hands would be stretched out.

10.) What did Peter ask Jesus about John?

Peter wanted to know what would happen to John.

11.) How did Jesus answer and how could this be true?

He told Peter if John remains until His return it's not Peter's business. In a way the Lord returned with a judgement on Jerusalem in 70 A.D and John was most likely the only apostle still alive by then.

12.) Did Jesus mean that John would not see death?

The scripture clearly says that this is NOT what Jesus meant. John eventually dies somewhere close to the end of the 1st century.

13.) Are all events and miracles of Jesus and the apostles recorded for our reading?

No, the books could not contain all of the wondrous things but again as the 1st ending in 20:31 said enough was written that we might believe.