Questions for Thu, Mar 26th  (Acts 1-2)

Acts 1-2

1.) Who wrote the Book of Acts, to whom did he write it and Acts of whom?

The Acts of the Apostles was written by the Gentile doctor Luke to a person named Theophilus.

2.) How long had Jesus been with the disciples after He rose?

Off and on over a period of 40 days.

3.) What command had Jesus given the disciples?

To remain in Jerusalem until they receive the Holy Spirit.

4.) As they were watching Jesus ascend who appeared to the disciples?

Two angels dressed in white.

5.) How will Jesus come again?

Just as He left, in the clouds.

6.) Where did the disciples return, who was all present and what did they do steadfastly?

The disciples, some women, Mary and Jesus's brothers returned to Jerusalem and were constant in prayer.

7.) One day Peter stood up and spoke to how many believers?

There were 120 believers.

8.) Who did David prophesy about? (Psalm 41:9)

The close friend I trusted will betray me.

9.) How did Judas purchase a field? (Matt. 27:7)

The 30 pieces of silver was used to buy the field that he was thrown into.

10.) What apparently happened to Judas when he hung himself?

Either he eventually fell or was hanging so long that when the people threw him into Akeldama his body broke open.

11.) What were the requirements when choosing a replacement for Judas?

Someone who had been with them from John's baptism until Jesus's ascension. But specifically be a witness of the resurrection.

12.) Who were the two men that were proposed?

Joseph and Matthias.

13.) Who did Jesus choose?


14.) What Jewish holiday arrived and what does it mean?

Pentecost which means 50 days after Passover. Since Passover was when Jesus died and he had been with them 40 days after His resurrection, Pentecost was less than a week after Jesus ascended to heaven.

15.) What happened to the apostles and what could they do?

The apostles received a large measure of the Holy Spirit and were speaking in tongues.

16.) Who was amazed by this?

All the people that could hear them preaching in their own tongue.

17.) How did some people mock the apostles?

Some people said they were drunk.

18.) Who prophesied this would happen?

The prophet Joel.

19.) Who did Peter begin to speak about?

The story of Jesus.

20.) What did David prophesy about?

That Jesus would rise from the dead.

21.) What had Jesus poured out upon them?

The Holy Spirit.

22.) When the people realized what they had done what important question did they ask?

What shall we do?

23.) What was the even more important answer?

Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

24.) What would they receive if they followed through with the apostles and Jesus command of repentance and baptism?

They would receive the Holy Spirit.

25.) How many people accepted this command and were baptized?

About 3000.

26.) What kingdom did Christ establish on that day which is still in existence today?

His church.