Questions for Fri, Mar 27th  (Acts 3)

Acts 3

1.) Where were Peter and John going?

Up to the temple to pray.

2.) Who did they see?

A man crippled from birth begging at the Beautiful gate.

3.) What did they have to offer him?

They were able to heal him.

4.) By whose name did the apostles perform miracles?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

5.) What did the man do?

He went walking and leaping and praising God.

6.) How did Peter scold the Jews?

He accused them of murdering Jesus, the Son of God.

7.) Peter said that he knew that the people acted out of what?

They acted out of ignorance.

8.) What had Moses, Samuel and the prophets foretold?

The arrival of Jesus, the Son of God and the beginning of His kingdom on the Earth.

9.) What promise to Abraham was in the process of coming true?

That all nations would be blessed. This will include the Gentiles 7 chapters from now!