Questions for Fri, Jan 10th  (Matt 12)

Matt 12

1.) What did the Pharisees complain about?

The disciples and Jesus picking heads of grain on the Sabbath

2.) How did the priests profane the Sabbath?

The priests could do "work" in the temple on the Sabbath and Jesus is the new high priest as well as our king

3.) How did Jesus answer their question about healing on the Sabbath day?

Jesus says it's always lawful to do good at any time

4.) Why did the Pharisees hold a council meeting?

To think about a way to kill Jesus

5.) What did Isaiah prophesy?

That Jesus was humble and not a street corner yelling type of preacher trying to make himself be something

6.) How did the Pharisees say that Jesus cast out devils?

By the power of the Devil

7.) How did Jesus respond to their accusation?

Why would the Devil cast out his demons?

8.) Who does the strong man represent?

The devil

9.) What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

Speaking against or denying the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. The Pharisees were doing this here by calling the Spirit in Jesus the spirit of the Devil. Mark 3:30

10.) What comes out of a good heart?

Good words and good deeds

11.) What will we have to answer for in judgement?

Every careless word we have spoken

12.) What did the Pharisees ask for next?

A miraculous sign

13.) How does Jesus compare himself to Jonah?

3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth

14.) Who will condemn the Pharisees because they responded favorably to messengers of wisdom?

The men of Ninevah that Jonah preached to

15.) How could the man have avoided being re-infested with demons?

Accepted Jesus and filled himself with the Spirit

16.) What is the significance of 7 spirits?

Complete rejection of the Lord.

17.) Does family come first?

Whoever does the will of Jesus is our family and THEY come first over our physical family. Hopefully our physical family is also our spiritual family.