Questions for Tue, Mar 31st  (Acts 7)

Acts 7

1.) Stephen recounts Hebrew history starting with who?

When Abraham was still in Mesopatamia.

2.) Who was Moses raised by?

Pharoah's daughter.

3.) Because of who was Moses powerful in speech and action?

Because of God, not because of the wisdom of Egyptians.

4.) How old was Moses when he fled to Midian?

40 years old.

5.) How old was Moses when he led the people out of Egypt?

80 years old.

6.) How old was Moses when he died?

120 years old.

7.) Who had Moses prophesied about?

That Jesus would be sent.

8.) Who was the leader after Moses?


9.) Who wanted to build a dwelling place for God?

King David

10.) Who did build the dwelling place for God?

King Solomon

11.) Where is God's dwelling place now?

The Church

12.) What was the point of Stephen's recounting of Hebrew History?

To show how the Jews had been rebellious and killed the prophets and then they killed the Son of God.

13.) What did Stephen see and proclaim that sent the people into a fury?

The glory of God and Jesus standing at His right hand.

14.) When they were stoning Stephen who guarded the clothing of the murderers?

A young man named Saul.

15.) What did Stephen pray at the close of his earthly life?

To forgive the people who were stoning him.