Questions for Wed, Apr 1st  (Acts 8)

Acts 8

1.) Who approved of Stephen's murder?

Saul who would later become Paul.

2.) What begin happening to the church?

A great persecution broke out against the church.

3.) Who tried to destroy the church?

Saul began to destroy the church.

4.) Where did Philip go and what did he do?

Philip went down to Samaria.

5.) Who had been in that city for some time and amazed the people?

Simon the sorcerer.

6.) Who all was baptized when they heard the good news?

Men and women who believed the teaching of Philip.

7.) Why did Peter and John go to Samaria?

The apostles needed to lay their hands on the people so they could receive the Holy Spirit.

8.) How come Philip couldn't give them the Holy Spirit?

He was not an apostle.

9.) Specifically what ability did Simon try to buy?

The ability that only the apostles had that he could give the Holy Spirit to those he laid hands on.

10.) What was Peter's response to Simon?

He told him to repent because he was captive to sin.

11.) Where did the angel of the Lord direct Philip?

The road that goes from Jerusalem to Gaza.

12.) Who did Philip meet?

An Ethiopian eunuch.

13.) What was the man reading and who was he reading about in his chariot?

He was reading Isaiah 53 about Jesus.

14.) What good news did Philip tell him?

He told him the good news about the Messiah, Jesus.

15.) If the eunuch didn't understand anything he was reading how did he now know that he needed to be baptized?

Philip obviously told him that baptism was the way to accept Jesus.

16.) What happened to Philip?

The Spirit of the Lord caught him up and took him to Azotus.

17.) What did the eunuch do?

He went on his way rejoicing.