Questions for Thu, Apr 2nd  (Acts 9)

Acts 9

1.) What was Saul still doing?

Saying murderous threats against the church.

2.) What did Saul ask the high priest for?

To investigate the synagogues up in Damascus to see if he could find any followers of the Way so he could imprison them in Jerusalem.

3.) What happened to Saul on the road to Damascus?

He was blinded by a bright light.

4.) Who did Paul hear speaking?


5.) Where did Jesus tell him to go?

Go into Damascus and he would be told what he must do.

6.) What happened to Saul and for how many days?

He was blinded for three days.

7.) Who did Jesus talk to next and what did he tell him?

Go and get Saul to restore his sight.

8.) What was Ananias worried about?

He had heard the reports about the harm Saul had done to the church.

9.) What did Jesus tell him about Saul?

That Saul would carry the name of Jesus before the Gentiles and he would suffer great things for Jesus's name.

10.) What did Ananias tell Saul when he saw him

That Jesus had sent him to restore his sight.

11.) When his sight was restored what did Saul get up and do?

He was baptized and then ate food.

12.) How did he know he was to be baptized?

Verse 6 says Jesus told him that he would be TOLD what he must do. Obviously, Ananias told him the WAY to accept Jesus. Acts 22:16 is proof of this.

13.) What did Saul begin to do in the synagogues of Damascus instead of what he had planned to do?

He began to preach that Jesus is the Son of God.

14.) How did Saul escape the Jews?

He was lowered in a basket from the city wall.

15.) In what city do we next see Saul?

Jerusalem, although according to Galatians 1 this was some tie later.

16.) Why was he having trouble being accepted by the disciples?

Everyone was afraid of him because they knew the way he had been.

17.) Who tried to help get Saul accepted?

Barnabus, the encourager.

18.) Where did the brothers send Saul?

They sent him to Tarsus.

19.) How did the church prosper during this time?

It was a time of peace. The church was strengthened and grew in numbers.

20.) Who did Peter meet and what was his problem?

Aeneas, a paralytic.

21.) What did Peter do for him and in whose name?

Peter healed him in the name of Jesus.

22.) Who lived in Joppa and what was she known for?

Tabith or Dorcas was always doing good and helping the poor.

23.) What did the people show Peter while they were mourning?

All the robes and clothing that Dorcas had made for everyone.

24.) What did Peter do for the woman?

He raised Dorcas back to life.

25.) Who did Peter stay with while in Joppa?

Simon, who was a tanner.