Questions for Sat, Apr 4th  (Acts 11)

Acts 11

1.) What news spread through the countryside?

The word spread that the Gentiles had received the word of God.

2.) When Peter went to Jerusalem what did the brethren complain about?

That Peter had eaten with the Gentiles.

3.) Peter recounted the story starting with his vision of what?

The unclean animals that God had made clean.

4.) How many time did this vision appear to Peter?

Three times.

5.) As Peter was speaking to the house of Cornelius what came on the people?

The Holy Spirit.

6.) Because of this Peter felt he couldn't oppose God. How would he have opposed God? (refer to ch. 10 on what he asked the people if they could do)

By not allowing them to be baptized and answer the call of God.

7.) How did the people react to Peter's story?

They praised God and accepted the Gentiles.

8.) What had happened to the Jews after Stephen's murder and was this bad or good?

Many christians had been scattered and this ended up being good because the Word of God spread.

9.) Who did the the apostles send to Antioch to encourage the brethren there?

They sent Barnabus, the Great Encourager.

10.) Where did Barnabus go and who did he look for there?

He went to Tarsus to find Saul.

11.) How long did they stay in Antioch?

For a whole year.

12.) What were followers of Christ first called in Antioch?

Christians was the new name given to them.

13.) What was the name of the prophet in this chapter and what did he foretell?

Agabus foretold a severe famine.

14.) What did the Christians do because of this prophecy?

They decided to financially help their brethren living in Judea.