Questions for Mon, Apr 6th  (Acts 13)

Acts 13

1.) Who were some of the members of the church of Christ at Antioch?

Barnabus, Saul, Simeon, Lucius, Manaen.

2.) What did the Holy Spirit say?

To send out Barnabus and Saul to preach.

3.) On this first of three missionary journeys, to what island did Saul and Barnabus go to first and who did they take with them?

Cyprus and they took John Mark.

4.) To what city on the far side of the island did they go to?


5.) What was the name of the governor of this island and what was the name(s) of his evil attendant?

Sergius Paulus, and his attendant Bar-Jesus also named Elymas.

6.) In verse 9 the scriptures stop using the Hebrew name Saul and begin using the Greek name of what?


7.) What did Paul do to Elymas and why is this ironic?

He struck him blind. This is ironic because his first miracle was the same thing that happened to himself to make him SEE the correct way.

8.) To what city did they go next and who left them?

They sailed to Perga where John Mark left them.

9.) To what city did they go next and what were they asked to do in the synagogue?

Pisidian Antioch. They were asked to speak a word of encouragement.

10.) What men does Paul mention in his recounting of Hebrew History?

Samuel, Saul, David, Jesse, John the Baptist, Jesus.

11.) What was read every Sabbath day in the synagogues?

The words of the prophets.

12.) What was a major difference between King David and King Jesus?

David's body decayed but Jesus's did not.

13.) Paul proclaimed what to them through Jesus?

The forgiveness of sins.

14.) What did the people ask Paul and Barnabus to do again?

To come back on the next Sabbath and preach again.

15.) How many people came out to hear on the next Sabbath day?

The whole city.

16.) Who was upset and who was happy? How is this like the story of the prodigal son?

The Jews were jealous and the Gentiles were happy. The older brother upset because the younger brother returned and was accepted by the Father.

17.) Who did the Jews incite to persecute Paul and Barnabus?

God-fearing women of high standing and the leading men of the city.

18.) To what city did they go next?