Questions for Tue, Apr 7th  (Acts 14)

Acts 14

1.) Where did Paul and Barnabus usually go when they entered a town?

The Jewish synagogue.

2.) What did the unbelieving Jews do again?

Stirred up the Gentiles against them.

3.) What plot arose?

They wanted to stone them.

4.) To what two cities did Paul and Barnabus flee to?

Lystra and Derbe.

5.) In Lystra what did Paul do?

Paul healed a cripple.

6.) What gods did the people think Paul and Barnabus were?

Barnabus was Zeus(Jupiter) and Paul was Hermes(Mercury).

7.) How did Paul and Barnabus react to this?

They tore their clothes and told them to stop immediately.

8.) Who had followed Paul and Barnabus from the previous cities and what did they do to Paul?

The Jews and they stirred up the people again and they stoned Paul.

9.) To what city did they go next?


10.) After they converted many people they returned back through all the towns appointing what in all the established churches?

The appointed elders in all the churches.

11.) Eventually they made it back to where and did what?

They returned to Antioch and gave their report of the Gentiles accepting the Word.