(Fri, Jan 10th) History: Josh. 6-10

Joshua 6

  1. How was Joshua to capture Jericho?
  2. What was the only thing Israel kept from Jericho?
  3. What became of Rahab?

Joshua 7

  1. Why were the children of Israel not able to defeat the city of Ai?
  2. What sin did Achan commit?
  3. What was Achan's punishment for this sin?

Joshua 8

  1. What plan did God give Joshua for capturing the city of Ai?
  2. After defeating the city of Ai, what did Joshua read before the people?

Joshua 9

  1. What did a group of Hivite men pretend to be to Joshua?
  2. Why were Joshua and his men fooled by the Hivites?

Joshua 10

  1. How many kings decided to go against the city of Gibeon?
  2. Who came up to help the city of Gibeon?
  3. What happened to the five kings?