(Tue, Apr 28th) Gospels: Mark 13-14

Mark 13

  1. What did Jesus predict would happen to the temple in Jerusalem?
  2. Why will we be hated by some people?
  3. What must we endure to be saved? What happens if you don't endure these things?
  4. What is the abomination that stands where it should not?
  5. What were the Jews to do when they saw this abomination?
  6. Why will God shorten this time of tribulation?
  7. Who knows the time of the end?
  8. How do we stay ready for the return of Jesus?

Mark 14

  1. What was Jesus anointed with at Bethany? Who anointed Him?
  2. Who would betray Jesus?
  3. At the Lord's Supper, what did the bread and the wine represent?
  4. What would Peter do before the night was over?
  5. What conditions may cause us to fall to temptation?