(Tue, Jan 14th) Gospels: Matt. 3-4

Matthew 3

  1. Who was John the Baptist?
  2. What did John eat in the wilderness?
  3. What was John the Baptist's message?
  4. Who did John the Baptist accuse of fleeing the wrath of God?
  5. What did John tell the Sadducees they must do if they are repentant? Does this apply to us also?
  6. What is fruit worthy of repentance?
  7. How is the ax already laid at the root of the trees?
  8. What did John say is going to happen to those who do not bear fruit?
  9. What is the Holy Spirit and fire we are baptized with? How are we baptized with fire?
  10. What do the wheat and the chaff that is cleaned on the threshing floor represent?
  11. Why did Jesus have to be baptized by John?
  12. Who spoke from heaven when Jesus was baptized?

Matthew 4

  1. After his baptism, how many days did Jesus fast in the wilderness?
  2. What did Satan try to tempt Jesus into doing while in the wilderness?
  3. What did Jesus mean when He said we must live by every word of God?
  4. Why must we not tempt God?
  5. Who were Jesus' first disciples?
  6. What was Jesus' message to the people?