(Fri, May 22nd) History: 2 Sam. 20-24

2 Samuel 20

  1. Who rebelled against David? Who did David send against him?
  2. What did David tell Amasa to have done in 3 days?
  3. What happened to Amasa at Gibeon?
  4. Where did Sheba flee to? What was the city known for? What happened to Sheba in this city?

2 Samuel 21

  1. Why was there famine in the land for 3 years?
  2. What did the Gibeonites ask for to appease the wrong that was done to them?
  3. What did David do with the bones of Saul and his descendants?
  4. How many more giants were killed by David's men?

2 Samuel 22

  1. Who did David say was his strength and the one who led him into all that he did?
  2. Who did David say delivered him from the shadows of death?
  3. Why did God help David?
  4. Who gave David strength and direction during battles?

2 Samuel 23

  1. Who were the three mightiest men of David against the Philistines? What did each one do that was very great?
  2. Who lifted his spear against 300 men and became captain of the first three great men?
  3. Who killed a spectacular Egyptian and became great like the three but not above them?

2 Samuel 24

  1. What did David do that aroused God's anger?
  2. Why did David choose the plague for his punishment?