(Wed, Jan 15th) Epistles: Rom. 5-6

Romans 5

  1. What is our hope?
  2. How are we saved by Jesus' life?
  3. What punishment or consequence did sinners receive before the law?
  4. What was the gift of Jesus Christ that abounded to many?
  5. What resulted from Adam's offense? What resulted from Jesus' righteousness?
  6. What does sin reign in? What does grace reign in?

Romans 6

  1. What did we bury when we were baptized into Jesus' death? How were we raised when we were baptized into Jesus?
  2. From what are we free and no longer slaves because of our sins?
  3. How are we made alive to God in Christ?
  4. How do we become slaves to God? To what will this lead? What will sin lead to?
  5. What gift did God provide?