(Tue, Jun 9th) Gospels: Luke 9-10

Luke 9

  1. How do you take up your cross daily and follow Jesus?
  2. How does one desire to save his own life?
  3. Who went with Jesus to the mountain? What did they see? What did they hear? What did this vision symbolize?
  4. What miracle did Jesus do the next day after coming down from the mountain?
  5. Why could the disciples not cast out the demon in the boy?
  6. How would someone not be fit for the kingdom of God?

Luke 10

  1. How were the seventy disciples sent out to the cities? What were they to do for the Lord? What did Jesus caution these workers of when they returned?
  2. How were the workers able to trample serpents and scorpions?
  3. What are the two greatest commandments required to have eternal life?
  4. Who is your neighbor?
  5. What should we never neglect?