(Wed, Jun 10th) Epistles: Eph. 1-3

Ephesians 1

  1. What did God want man to be even before the foundation of the world?
  2. Who has redemption and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus?
  3. What did God predestine for us?
  4. What is the guarantee of the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit do this?
  5. What is the power that God worked in Christ?

Ephesians 2

  1. Who were the "children of wrath"? How were they saved? From what were they saved?
  2. What was the gift of God? What was the grace of God? Did we earn this gift from God?
  3. What did God expect of us from the beginning?
  4. How were the Gentiles once aliens from the Israelites? What middle wall of separation was done away with?
  5. What two things did Jesus make as one?

Ephesians 3

  1. What are the unsearchable riches of Christ?
  2. What was the mystery that was not revealed to the other ages?
  3. What wisdom of God does the church make known?
  4. How are we strengthened by God? In what are we strengthened?
  5. Whose fullness should we be filled with? What does this mean?
  6. In what relation does God do what we hope or ask?