(Tue, Jun 16th) Gospels: Luke 11-12

Luke 11

  1. What should be the basic content of our prayer to the Father?
  2. How persistent should we pray?
  3. What is the result of asking, seeking, and knocking?
  4. How does God give us the Holy Spirit?
  5. What is Jesus' response to being accused of using the power of a demon?
  6. What is the significance of the returning unclean spirit?
  7. What was Jesus' response to the blessing of his mother?
  8. Why is your eye a lamp to your body?
  9. What did Jesus accuse the teachers of the law?

Luke 12

  1. What will become of the hidden things of the hypocrite?
  2. Who should we fear and why?
  3. How do we confess Jesus before men? How do we deny Jesus? What will happen if we deny Jesus before men?
  4. What did Jesus say about covetousness in one's life?
  5. What must we seek first to receive the things we need?
  6. How do we "gird" our waist? How do we "Let our lamps burn"?
  7. What should we be watching and prepared for as followers of Christ?
  8. What will happen to the servant not doing his master's will? Why is there a more severe punishment for these people? Who is this servant?
  9. What is given and required of you?
  10. What fire did Jesus want kindled?