(Fri, Jul 10th) History: 2 Kgs. 6-10

2 Kings 6

  1. What did the sons of the prophets decide to build for themselves with Elisha?
  2. What happened to the ax head that one of the men was using? How did Elisha find the ax head?
  3. Why did the king of Syria think there was an informant among them?
  4. How did God defeat the Syrians at Dothan? Where did Elisha lead them?
  5. What did Elisha tell the king of Israel to do with the Syrians? What did this do between Israel and Syria?
  6. How bad had the famine gotten in Samaria?

2 Kings 7

  1. How did God defeat the Syrian army during the famine in Samaria?
  2. Who discovered that the Syrians had fled?
  3. What happened to an officer of Israel's army during the rush to the spoil of the Syrians? Why?

2 Kings 8

  1. Who did Elisha warn about a seven year famine?
  2. Who did Ben-Hadad seek to ask if he would recover from his disease? What was he told? How did he die?
  3. What two kings fought together against Hazael of Syria?

2 Kings 9

  1. Who was anointed as king of Israel?
  2. What happened to the first two messengers King Joram sent to inquire of Jehu?
  3. Why did Jehu not come in peace to King Joram?
  4. What prophecy was fulfilled concerning the descendants of Ahab?
  5. What happened to King Ahaziah?
  6. What is the first thing Jezebel did when she heard Jehu was coming?
  7. How did Jezebel die? What was left of Jezebel to bury? What prophecy was fulfilled concerning Jezebel's death?

2 Kings 10

  1. How many sons did Ahab have in Samaria?
  2. What did Jehu ask of the elders who raised Ahab's sons?
  3. What did Jehu do to forty-two of Ahaziah's brothers?
  4. How did Jehu fool the Baal worshipers?
  5. What did Jehu fail to destroy?