(Tue, Jul 14th) Gospels: Luke 19-20

Luke 19

  1. Who was Zacchaeus? b. What was noticeable about Him? Why did Jesus call him a son of Abraham?
  2. What was the purpose of the parable of the minas? What are we expected to do until the kingdom of God comes? What happens if you do or don't do this?
  3. Why did Jesus rid the temple of the merchants?

Luke 20

  1. How did Jesus answer the chief priests and elders about His authority?
  2. a. In the parable of the wicked vinedresser who was the owner? Who were the first servants sent by the owner? Who is the son? Who were the vinedressers? Who was given the vineyard by the owner?
  3. Explain "Whoever falls on the stone will be broken. and "Whomever the stone falls on will be ground into powder."
  4. After the resurrection will we marry or give our children in marriage? Who will we be like?
  5. What is the punishment for the hypocrite?