(Fri, Jul 17th) History: 2 Kgs. 11-15

2 Kings 11

  1. Who became the first female king over Judah?
  2. Who had Athaliah removed and killed?
  3. How old was Joash when he became king?

2 Kings 12

  1. Did Joash (Jehoash) do what was right in the eyes of the Lord?
  2. How did Joash repair the temple of the Lord?
  3. How did Joash die?

2 Kings 13

  1. What did the arrow represent that Elisha told Joash to shoot through the window?
  2. What did striking the ground with the arrows by Joash represent?
  3. After Elisha died, what happened to the body of a man who was thrown in the tomb of Elisha?

2 Kings 14

  1. Was Amaziah a righteous king?
  2. What happened to Amaziah when he became boastful against Israel?
  3. How did Amaziah die?
  4. What prophet prophesied that Israel would restore its territory?

2 Kings 15

  1. What king of Judah reigned for 52 years?
  2. Why was Azariah struck with leprosy by God?
  3. What prophesy was fulfilled at the death of Zechariah, king of Israel?
  4. How did King Menahem protect Israel from the king of Assyria?