(Tue, Aug 4th) Gospels: John 1-2

John 1:1-5

  1. What is the "Word"?
  2. Who is the "He" in verse 2?
  3. Who created all things?
  4. What does 'in Him was life' mean?
  5. How does His life become the light of men?
  6. How did the darkness not comprehend the light?

John 1:6-51

  1. What was the purpose of John's witness of the light?
  2. How are we born of the will of God?
  3. What word dwelt among us?
  4. Has anyone seen God at any time?
  5. How has God been seen?
  6. Who was a disciple of John that became an apostle of Jesus?
  7. What did Nathanael call Jesus?
  8. How was heaven opened and the angels descending and ascending upon Jesus?

John 2

  1. What did Jesus' mother want Him to do at the wedding?
  2. What did Jesus answer her?
  3. Why did Jesus' mother tell the servants to do whatever Jesus said?
  4. Why did Jesus throw the people out of the temple?
  5. Of what temple was Jesus referring to when He said he would raise the temple in three days?