(Thu, Aug 6th) The Law: Lev. 25-27

Leviticus 25

  1. How many years did the people sow the land and then let it rest?
  2. What is the Year of Jubilee?
  3. Why did the people not need to worry about not sowing seed in the Sabbath year?
  4. What was not ever required from a brother who was lent anything?

Leviticus 26

  1. If the people obeyed God, what would they receive?
  2. If the people disobeyed God, what would happen to them?
  3. Would God always warn them when they were disobeying?

Leviticus 27

  1. What type of vow or oath required the people to pay a valuation to the priest?
  2. What was the amount a person was required to pay back for redeeming his property?