(Wed, Aug 26th) Epistles: 2 Tim. 1-2

2 Timothy 1

  1. What type of spirit has God given us?
  2. Who brought immortality to light?
  3. What was Paul convinced that God could keep?
  4. Describe the pattern of sound words that Timothy was to teach.
  5. What good thing was committed to Timothy?

2 Timothy 2

  1. What did we die to?
  2. How do we entangle ourselves with the affairs of this life?
  3. Who is the hard-working farmer? Of what crop he will partake?
  4. What must we endure to reign with Jesus?
  5. How do we deny Jesus? b. What will happen if we deny Him?
  6. What is the foundation that stands firm? How is it sealed or defined by God?
  7. How can you become a vessel of honor?
  8. How should a servant of God be to all?