(Mon, Aug 31st) Prophecy: Hos. 8-14

Hosea 9

  1. How did God view Israel in the beginning?
  2. How does God view Israel at this time?
  3. What would happen when God departed from Israel?

Hosea 10

  1. Who was serving the false god of Beth Aven?

Hosea 11

  1. How did the people call on but not exalt God?

Hosea 12

  1. On what basis would God judge His people?
  2. What message do we find in verses 3-6?

Hosea 13

  1. By whom would God ransom His people from the grave?
  2. What springs and fountains of Israel would be dried up?

Hosea 14

  1. What was the sacrifice of the lips?
  2. What would result for Israel when they offered the sacrifice of their lips?
  3. What condition would result if Ephraim turned back to the Lord?
  4. How do transgressors stumble in the ways of the Lord?