(Fri, Sep 18th) History: 2 Chr. 1-5

2 Chronicles 1

  1. Where was the tabernacle of meeting that Moses had made in the wilderness?
  2. Where was the Ark of the Covenant?
  3. What did Solomon ask from God? What did God give Solomon in addition to this?

2 Chronicles 2

  1. Who does Solomon ask to send him supplies for the building of the temple?
  2. Who does Solomon use to construct the temple?

2 Chronicles 3

  1. When did Solomon begin to build the temple?
  2. What did Solomon name two pillars that were set before the temple?

2 Chronicles 4

  1. What was the purpose of the Sea that was cast of bronze?
  2. How many tables did Solomon have made?
  3. How many lampstands did Solomon make?

2 Chronicles 5

  1. What did Solomon bring up from Jerusalem to put inside the temple?
  2. What was inside the ark of the covenant?