(Tue, Sep 22nd) Gospels: John 19-21

John 19

  1. Who allowed Pilate to crucify Jesus?
  2. What sign did Pilate put on the cross? What did the Jews want on the sign? What was Pilate's attitude towards their suggestion?
  3. What instruction did Jesus give concerning His mother?
  4. On what day was Jesus crucified?

John 20

  1. Who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus?
  2. What day was Jesus discovered gone from the tomb?
  3. How many days and nights did Jesus suffer, die, and then rise from the grave?
  4. What two disciples ran to Jesus tomb? Who got there first? Who went in first?
  5. When Mary first saw Jesus, did she recognize Him?
  6. Who doubted Jesus' resurrection?
  7. Why did Thomas call Jesus his God?

John 21

  1. What did Peter and the disciples do after Jesus was resurrected?
  2. Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him more than once?
  3. What would happen to Peter later in life?