(Thu, Oct 1st) The Law: Num. 29-32

Numbers 30

  1. If a man made a vow to God, could it be unbound?
  2. If a woman in her father's house makes a vow, who could break it?
  3. If a father did not overrule his daughter's vow, what must she do?
  4. If a woman had taken a vow and marries, what can her husband do?
  5. Why could the vow of a widow or a divorced woman not be broken?
  6. How could a husband confirm his wife's vow?

Numbers 31

  1. Why did Moses get angry with the men who came back with spoil from the Midianites they had defeated?
  2. What were they to do about this?
  3. How did the Israelites divide the spoil?
  4. Why did the men of war give a special offering to the Lord?

Numbers 32

  1. What tribes decided they wanted their inheritance early?
  2. What did they agree they would do first before they received their inheritance?